Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards

Category: Mobility

Generally used for the transferring of the person from a wheelchair to the car or bed, which comes in four standard sizes and two standard thicknesses.

Most people have been taught to use a Transfer Board in rehabilitation centres whilst they have been recovering from the accident or trauma that finds it necessary for them to use a wheel chair.

From $70


Kidney shape transfer boards, handholds and wheel chair cutouts are modifications and these need to be ordered. Please allow 2-3 weeks. And the $10 for each modification.

The process of making a smooth solid transfer board is a long one.
Cutting out of the shape, sanding, routing, beveling, and more sanding.
Several coats of sealer are applied with a light sanding between each coat.
In the waxing room the boards are given several coats of special wax and over two-week period. Till they achieve the high polish and shine that is essential for a high quality transfer board.
Then they are wrapped in butcher’s paper and stored in a dust free room.

We are able to do minor repairs to transfer boards for a small fee of $25 – $45 depending on the severity of the damage.

Weight limits transfer boards:

700mm x 12mm = 150kg
600mm x 12mm = 200kg
500mm x 12mm = 200kg
Boomerang 700mm x 12mm = 150kg

700mm x 16mm = 300kg
600mm x 16mm = 400kg
500mm x 16mm = 400kg
Boomerang 700mm x 16mm = 300kg

Standard Product Code(s):
E101 – 500mm x 290mm x 12mm – $70 – In Stock
E104 – Bariatric 500mm x 290mm x 16mm – $80 – In Stock
F101 – 600mm x 290mm x 12mm – $80 – In Stock
F104 – Bariatric 600mm x 290mm x 16mm – $90 – In Stock
G101 – 700mm x 290mm x 12mm – $90 – In Stock
G104 – Bariatric 700mm x 290mm x 16mm – $100 – In Stock
H101 – Boomerangs 700mm x 290mm x 16mm – $90 – In Stock
H104 – Bariatric Boomerangs 700mm x 290mm x 16mm – $100 – In Stock
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